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Newport International Group Review by stephbolhm Newport International Group Review by stephbolhm

TOKYO, Japon – ouvert à Tokyo le 15 février comme une fin Valentin présent, Kitsuné Tokyo Maison est premier magasin de Kitsuné au Japon.

L'espace est divisé en deux endroits ; un abritera les collections de la Maison Kitsuné, alors qu'un Café Kitsuné stockera Kitsuné records et les lignes de Kitsuné Tee et Parisien.

L'espace a été conçu par Masaya Kuroki, co-fondateur de Kitsuné. "Pour notre Maison Kitsuné glacerie à Tokyo, j'ai gardé à l'esprit l'architecture de nos magasins de Paris, qui portent un fort style Haussmannien, à laquelle j'ai ajouté quelques touches de matériaux japonais traditionnels," dit-il.

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josephaccts Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014

As much as the fashion industry might try to shrug off accusations of insularity, closed-ranks cliquishness and occasional ridiculousness, there are times when even the staunchest defender can’t help but acknowledge the high camp Zoolander-ness of it all. Models’ faces obscured by a splintered mash of wooden planks, knitted crop tops with nipples coyly peeping out, and grown men in leather dresses and riding boots (all of which featured in last season’s LC:M shows): when what’s happening on the catwalk looks like dream sequence from 1920s Italian surrealist cinema spliced with a Berlin sex dungeon, you’d be forgiven for thinking it has very little to do with what you’ll be wearing down the Crown and Anchor.

fritzzjaiho Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
As you know me by now, I don't expect everyone or anyone to go out and buy all of my suggestions that I've written about in past columns. I only expect you to go out and buy half of it (just kidding). I'm a fashion columnist who enjoys writing about something that's reflective on who we are, and how we can always be amused by the trends, topics and excitement it brings.

For this week's column, I share with you some of the trends for 2014 that I'm most thrilled for. Some trends have already been around, while others will be breaking news (in my own fashion world mind). Hope you enjoy these influences that, if anything, just help make you feel more educated on the fashion world.
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